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Mr Vrajlal Vaghasia is an eminent personality in the Plastic Industries of Gujarat, had a very humble beginning in the year 1972. Just after obtaining his graduation he started business with a tiny unit.

Mr Vrajlal vaghasia has establish the following companies.

1. Macwell Products
The Main function of the unit is to re-cycle the plastic waste and out of it manufacture granules and then     make a AGRO KRISHI DELIVERY HOUSE pipes.
2. Mac Plast
The main function of the company is manufacturing “NARMADA” brand Rigid PVC pipes, krishi hose pipe     & garden hose pipe.
The company successfully marketed the Narmada brand products in the markets of Andhra Pradesh,    Tamil Nadu, Karnataka & Kerala. Finally it is known as MAC PLAST(AHMEDABAD) PVT. LTD.
3. Polymer Marketing Corporation
In the year 1983, the company started Polymer Marketing Corporation into the Field Marketing by taking    agencies of many leading brands of PVC pipes and other allied products.
4. Polymer processing company
The Company was started to meet the ever increasing demand of pipes. The company will mainly    manufacture smaller diameter pipes & various plastic raw materials processing.
5. Narmada Macplast DIS Ltd.
Was incorporated on June 2nd, 1992. The unit was started with a motto to give the best water,    management system to the farmer at Santej Dist.(Gandhinagar)
The company has also planned to have its own Research & Development farm & Laboratory tool room to    comply the need of agriculture sector with latest scientific  need of agriculture sector  with latest  scientific method of irrigation systems. Company is also engaged in the business of import-export, consultancy of plastic products & raw materials, Govt. Supplies and in    liaison work. The promoters of this company are well known industrialists & technocrats and having very rich experience.

6. Shree Narmada Integrated Company establish in 2007 by Jitenbhai Vagashia and today the company is engage in the business of Import-Export, Consultancy of    Plastic products & Raw materials, Govt. Supplies and in liaison work.They also very big suppliers of drip, sprinkler & land scape garden irrigation    equipments.and other releted    product.like HDPE ,PVC AND CPVC PIPES AND    FITTINGS AND THEY ALSO SUPPLIES PPR-PIPES.

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